HDM 1431

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High Performance for Heavy Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers


HDM 1431
HDM 1431
HDM 1431
HDM 1431
HDM 1431

Machine Data

  • Machine type: Saw machine
  • Manufacturer: Kaltenbach
  • Modell: HDM 1431
  • Year range: 1990 – 2005

Technical specification

  •  Vertical saw with stable swivel bearing
  • Stepless, frequency-controlled cutting speed adjustment
  • Infinitely adjustable, electromechanical saw blade feed
  • NC-controlled cutting angle adjustment
  • Automatic cycle control (clamping – saw-unloading)
  • Self-adjusting profile tension via hydraulic horizontal and vertical clamping device
  • Automatic cross-section measurement
  • Saw arm can be moved automatically to the most favorable cutting position according to the material cross sections to be sawn
  • Length compensation free miter cuts
  • Automatic switching from saw blade rapid feed to working feed
  • Manual forwardly extending roller conveyor segment on inbound and outbound side
  • OPTIFEED (patent) for automatic control of saw blade feed
  • Economy lubrication by micro dosing system
  • Automatic hydraulic lowering of the machine below the roller conveyor level after the end of the sawing cycle
  • Hydraulically liftable feed rollers, left and right on the saw table
  • Chips container can be pulled out
  • Adding cut counter to the saw control panel
  • Machine operation via PC with software package PROFICUT, consisting of hardware and software


Technical Data


Cutting range

Sawblade mount

∅ mm
1430 x 9,5

Working range max (90°)
1200 x 450

Working range square material (90°)

Working range min. (90°)

Mitre area range
-45° – 90° – 35°


Mass and weights

Mass (LxBxH)
4500 x 1600 x 3200



Performance characteristics

Main motor power

Cutting speed

0 – 400

Rapid advance/return movement


T 13 Transport System for Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers

  • For material feed and removal
  • Executed in welded construction with maintenance-free, ball-bearing conveyor rollers of solid material
  • Roller-conveyor drive on the feed and removal sides with frequency-controlled gear motor

Fast Material Cross Transport

  • Material stock in heavy-duty steel construction
  • Sliding rails of synthetic material (polyamide) for low-noise material cross transport
  • Drag chains with transport claws
  • Drive system with continuously-variable frequency-controlled gear motor

Universal Measuring System on the Feed Side

  • Positioning drive through servo motor with absolute rotary encoder
  • Automatic NC positioning via machine software
  • Additional pusher plates (optional) enable the handling of layers and bundles with stand-alone sawing machines
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for measuring various profile cross-sections

Standard Measuring System on the Feed Side for Sawing Machines

  • Positioning drive through frequency regulated three-phase motor with absolute rotary encoder
  • Automatic NC positioning via machine software
  • Rapid pivoting of the squaring arm
  • Manual adapter for processing short lengths

Low-Noise Material Cross Transport

By lightly raising the material using polyamide-coated rollers integrated into the roller conveyor, the traditional “steel on steel” noise from cross transporting profiles is significantly reduced. Transport technology in steel construction and steel trading will be revolutionized through this new system.

  • Fully-automatic control
  • Contributes to enhanced occupational safety and the protection of personnel and the environment

e.g. KKS 400 EC E


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