The objective of our ECOfit project is to work in an environmental manner yet reduce costs at the same time, by dealing responsibly with energy, water, waste and resources. These are our environmental guidelines:


Energy consumption and resources

The raw materials of our products are machines and machine components which were already part of the production process. In our company, they are refurbished by specialised skilled workers and returned to the production cycle in a high quality version.


Sustainable management

We act in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. ECOfit offers us the tools for more consciously, more effectively recognising and eliminating processes which are harmful to the environment and which are uneconomical.


Exemplary function of the company

By means of the high quality of used machinery, we show that this is also possible with other products.


Legal conformity

We are aware of the legal bases of our actions.


Protection of the environment and the climate

We know that today is not possible without yesterday, and bear great responsibility for tomorrow, especially with regard to the consumption of resources and environmental damage.



Our employees are an essential part of the extensive awareness of the environment at our company. We treat each other responsibly, reliably and with a sense of trust. We expect that our employees treat resources and their environment with respect. We offer information and support.


Continuous improvement

We strive for the continuous improvement of our environmentally appropriate actions.